UDI Consulting

We support the practical implementation of UDI in the following areas:

  •     GAP analysis (master data, label system, GTIN administration)
  •     Identification of UDI attributes
  •     Labeling and print management
  •     GS1 Barcode Consulting (GS1 Code 128, GS1 Datamatrix Barcode in SAP, ..)
  •     Transfer of data to the GUDID database (web service with HL7 XML)

We also offer consulting and solution support in the following areas:

  •     for the registration of an ESG / WebTrader account
  •     for applying for a WTHS access
  •     for the registration of a GUDID account
  •     Review the FDA test scenarios and the subsequent application for a productive account
  •     UDI master data management with SAP
  •     UDI master data as an Excel entry solution for a later upload
  •     Software solution for converting data to HL7 format
  •     Data transmission as a service
  •     Data transmission solution at the customer

For data transfer to the GUDID, there are three options or transmission paths:

  •     Manual entry on the GUDID website
  •     Fully automated interface via special AS / 2 software solutions
  •     Use of the FDA WebTrader

    The SAP data collector extracts the UDI data from the SAP system and can then be converted to the HL7 target format by the UDI HL7 Converter of EUROPE IT CONSULTING GmbH. The conversion of, for example, 10,000 UDI master data takes less than two minutes.

    Possible errors in the validation of the XML data records are displayed immediately (shown in red).

    The generated files are then uploaded with the FDA Web Trader.

    We are happy to take over this step of data conversion and data upload for you.