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How to transfer your data automatically to GUDID and EUDAMED

One of the challenges in implementing the requirements of the Authorities is to transfer the UDI data in the correct format.

Register your UDI data with our UDI solution. We transform your data into the HL7 SPL format and transfer it to the authorities.


Europe IT Consulting is your UDI-Expert

→ As a customer, they have 3 different options :

✓ Data transfer with XML files from SAP

✓ Data transfer with our UDI SAP Add-On directly from SAP

✓ Data transfer with UDI Excel templates

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UDI GUDID EUDAMED datatransfer Datenübertragung

Our company is proud to be your trusted partner for UDI (Unique Device Identification) solutions. With extensive experience and expertise in the industry, we offer customized solutions that help ensure your medical devices comply with international regulations and optimize your business processes.

Our Solutions

We support you, with customized consulting services

Europe IT Consulting has an experienced team of IT experts and UDI consultants to help you optimize your IT infrastructure and implement effective UDI strategies. We offer customized consulting services to meet your specific needs and ensure that your UDI implementation runs smoothly. From systems integration to data management, we help you take full advantage of UDI and improve your business results.

MedTech Consulting

The medical industry and the UDI branch is a very complex field and we are aware of that. To make your work easier, we have created a glossary that summarizes all the terms and abbreviations you should know.

UDI terms

We are happy to provide our customers with the experience gained from the technical and professional support of numerous projects in the areas of global UDI strategy , FDA, EUDAMED, GUDID in a series of explanatory videos on our Youtube channel.

UDI project plan

To meet the requirements of the new regulations MDR and IVDR, we have elaborated a step by step roadmap that helps you on your journey to UDI compliance.

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You would like to get more detailed information about how the different authorities EUDAMED and FDA are structured, what challenges they bring and why it came to the creation of these institutions. In this case, the links below are perfect to deepen your understanding.

EUDAMED Database Structure

UDI system of the FDA

The current status – deadlines and global overview

The UDI (Unique Device Identification) field is still evolving and more or less advanced depending on the country.
If you are in any way involved in the medical device business, it may be relevant for you to keep up to date with regulations and deadlines around the world.

UDI World Overview

Customer Success Story

Our software and services have been tested and approved and are already appreciated by many customers from the medical industry who have already used us for their data transmission. Do not hesitate and join us!

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