Improve efficiency while remaining EUDAMED compliant

Participants from all over the world had the opportunity to attend and to hear directly from expert how to realize an effective master data management with the SAP Add-On for EUDAMED.

The webinar has already taken place, but don’t worry, you can still request information about the content.


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General information about the webinar:

2 sessions, one in English and one in German were conducted on Wednesday, 15 September 2021.

Speaker: Ismail Demiralp (CEO of Europe IT Consulting GmbH)

Do you have to maintain MDR/IVDR data in SAP or in another ERP System ?

Would you like to see in practice how it is possible to interact with EUDAMED through these systems?

If yes, request information about this webinar to learn about the possibilities you have.
Whether you have to maintain a huge or small number of different products, suitable solutions exist to minimize effort, maximize data accuracy and ensure compliance. We went through them together.
The main objective of this event was sharing knowledge and learn about our solution: the SAP Add-On.

We have developed an Add-on that you can easily integrate into your existing SAP system to maintain your UDI-relevant products and transferring them to the EUDAMED.
In line with the last regulatory requirements, this solution supports you on the road to compliance.