Europe IT Consulting ISO 9001 recertification

Europe IT Consulting ISO 9001 recertification

Europe IT Consulting receives successful ISO 9001 recertification without any “minor non-conformity”

We are pleased to announce that Europe IT Consulting GmbH was successfully recertified by QS Zurich on July 17th, 2023 and without a single “minor non-conformity”. This prestigious ISO 9001 certification confirms our commitment to outstanding quality, clean working methods and efficient control of our processes.

As a responsible company, we have focused on providing first-class products and services from the very beginning. The renewed ISO 9001 certification is another milestone in our pursuit of excellence and confirms that our way of working meets the highest quality standards.

What this recertification means for our customers:

  1. Outstanding quality: ISO 9001 certification confirms that our products and services meet the strictest quality criteria. You can count on us to always deliver the best for you.
  2. Clean way of working: Our corporate culture attaches great importance to transparency and integrity in our work processes. The ISO 9001 recertification underscores our commitment to ethical and clean business practices.
  3. Efficient processes: With ISO 9001 certification, we ensure that our internal procedures and processes are optimally controlled. This leads to even better performance and efficiency, from which our customers benefit.

We are proud that our continuous efforts to improve processes and increase quality have been recognized by QS Zurich. This award would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of our entire team.

Together we look to the future with confidence, strengthened by the ISO 9001 certification, and strive to continue to offer you innovative solutions and a first-class service.

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