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solution Europe IT Consulting GmbH offers its own solution for the generation and display of different bar

Barcode Generator Software Package

code types, including GS1 Datamatrix Barcode, GS1 Code 128, Pharmacode, Code39,… in SAP for all three form technologies.

The solution is a fully integrated SAP solution, so no external software or hardware is required. Our tool generates the barcode in BMP image format. Thus these can be integrated relatively simply into each form type (Sapscript, Smartforms and Adobe Interactive Forms / Adobe Livecylce Designer). The new form technology Adobe Forms is capable of many barcode types.

Unfortunately the possibility to generate a GS1 Datamatrix and some other barcode types is still missing within SAP. With our tool this is no longer a problem.

GS1 Datamatrix Generator

Our Barcode Generator Tool was completely programmed in ABAP and can be called dynamically during form processing. In addition, it offers the advantage that the GS1 barcode has already been embedded in the form when sending a form by e-mail. Many competitor solutions only generate the bar code after it has been output via the print server. However, this is only the case if the form is physically printed on paper. The barcode generator has a modular structure so that further barcode symbologies can be loaded. In the standard we deliver two barcode symbolologies. The GS1 Datamatrix and the GS1 Code 28. The ABAP Barcode Generator supports among others the following symbolgies:

  • GS1 Datamatrix
  • data matrix
  • GS1 Code 128
  • Code 128
  • LAETUS Code (Pharmaceutical Binary Code)
  • HIBC Code 128
  • HIBC Code 39
  • HIBC QR Code
  • HIBC Datamatrix
  • QR Code
  • EAN 13
  • Code 39
  • other…

  The barcode generator solution also offers more than the generation of a barcode. Our solution also contains a HRI (Human Readable Interpretation) generator, to which you can add the data to be coded, such as GTIN, serial number, batch number, date of manufacture, expiry date, …. With our test program you can test the result before with appropriate inputs (see picture barcode generator test program). Thus nothing stands in the way of generating a 2D bar code according to GS1 standard in SAP. The FNC1 and GS labels can thus be integrated and displayed in the form by the form developer without any problems. Download our product flyer of the GS1 barcode generator solution

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