GS1 Barcode Generator as SAP Add-On

GS1 Barcode Generator as SAP Add-On

GS1 Barcode Generator as SAP Add-On

Our GS1 barcode generator for SAP forms is already successfully used by many customers.

The fully integrated SAP solution enables customers and internal developers to easily and reliably integrate the barcodes into the labels.

The GS1 Datamatrix, GS1 Code 128, LAETUS Code and many other barcode types required by the customer can be called during form generation (i.e. during printing) either from the print program or directly from the form interface.

Our solution is optimized for use with SAP Adobe Interactive Forms by Adobe (SiFbA) and Adobe LiveCycle Designer.

Due to the structured structure of the solution, it can later be quickly integrated into other barcode symbologies via upload if required.

The barcode generator solution also offers more than the generation of a barcode. Our solution also contains a HRI (Human Readable Interpretation) generator, to which you can add the data to be coded such as GTIN, serial number, batch number, production date, expiration date, ….

SAP-GS1-Barcode-GeneratorThe result is an HRI with the corresponding AIs (Application Identifier). This is made available as a single-line text and in tabular form.

Example HRI in one line:

Example HRI in tabular form:


So you have the possibility to print the HRI to the right of the barcode when using a GS1 Datamatrix.

Ismail Demiralp